GE.PA. since 1980, experience and history

Experts in the field for forty years

GE.PA. is a company with optical laboratory and shop in Montegranaro and Magliano di Tenna that for forty years has dealt with sales, production and maintenance of everything related to eyeglasses and sunglasses, as well as the sale and correct application of lenses contact. Thanks to a vast assortment of frames produced by the most appreciated brands in the sector, every customer who passes through the doors of our stores is sure to find exactly the model they are looking for. The professionalism of the staff, on the other hand, allows you to choose and apply the best corrective lenses, made by exploiting the potential of the assembly laboratory and guaranteeing fast and competent work on the glasses. Wearing a pair of glasses can be a representation of fashion and style: for this reason at GE.PA. optics it is possible to choose between dozens and dozens of sunglasses, opting for the frames that have made the history of this accessory or for the most innovative, colorful and particular design models.